Artwork by  Unleashed Artistry Fine Art Photography  by rachael dols
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I live with my two dogs, who are my most influential, and cherished friends, Millie my Samoyed and Layza my Kelpie. I rescued Millie from a shelter when she was 4 and she has been part of the family going on 6 years now.
I adopted Layza at 1 year old from the Australian Kelpie Rescue as Millie is slowly getting into retirement from the training world and is looking forward to long naps and cuddles on the couch.
Millie is a very intelligent and obedient dog, but is also extremely lazy and silly. She often lazes around in my studio with me most of the day. Layza is always doing something, whether it is deciding how to get mum’s attention or chewing toilet paper rolls. She is a very switched on dog, whose mind is always solving problems. She is perfect for the work I do and has developed well with her obedience, proving an A+ level obedience, knowing many different tricks and is also learning some doggy dancing.


“A camera will capture an image, but its the mind that creates that image.”

I have a very strong passion for photography, art and animals. The ability to solidify these three elements to create an artwork is an incredible thing.
I love to create images of elegance and beauty, anything and everything in the world is beautiful in some way, but it is how that is brought out.

I love the challenge of photographing animals, you never know what you will get from one second to another. Animals are undoubtedly amazing and stunning, I like to look beyond the everyday view and focus on  something more.

I have a canine behaviour and training qualification, which enables me to assess, not only  dogs but, many animals  behaviour and work out the best way to photograph them and keep hem comfortable and relaxed.

I am a professional photographer and artist (painter).
I have a Diploma in Photo Imaging.
I strongly believe as long as you strive to better yourself you will never stop learning or improving.


I, Rachael Dols, offer photography of pets and animals in a unique style. I use a very strong fine arts approach to my work, employing both hand and digital techniques to create images.

The flagship of my work is the ‘character ‘ portraits that are vibrant, stylish portraits with painted backdrops. I handcraft the backdrops myself, using a plain backdrop and paints to create the perfect texture and colour combination to suit the subject I am photographing.

I create my ‘nature’ works in in a relaxed outdoor setting, where I love to use natural light and settings to produce the photographs.

I also offer studio photography with timeless backdrops in white or black.

I formed Unleashed Artistry n 2012, previously known as Rachael Dols Pet Art. The mission is to create artwork in the mediums of drawing, painting and photography to share with pet and animal lovers around the world.